Outsourced Call Centre Campaign

We provide the right campaign to the right client, we specialise in lifestyle campaigns but not limited to. We also outsource international campaigns, local cellular campaigns and we can help you build and customize your own product.

Collections Facility

With our track record we have been able to partner in with the biggest and most cost efficient collection company which has been in the Debit Order stream for quite some time and works with all major banks. With low cost collection fees and giving you the highest and efficient services which include 24h online access to your account anytime of the day, anywhere in the world, whether you’re in the office or elsewhere as their management tools are compatible with most smart devices and mobile phones, which means you can manage your transactions and cash flow with ease. They also offer easy to learn upload system where you can also build client profile for all your recurring Debits this tool allows you to pick up trends in customer behaviour so you can ensure prompt payment with the use of Debit order collection and smart debit services (NAEDO)

Here at Plus Benefits your success is important to us we also take it in our stride to learn the trend in which your account is being operated so we can ensure your company reaches its potential capacity by providing ongoing support where it’s needed for your company to have a positive collection


In call centres data is key, engine and the heart of a successful call centre operation. With changing market trends, buyers and non-buyers are also changing we are proud to say we partner with the biggest data companies in the country. We provide the correct profiled data for your campaign.

Voip Services

Voip is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VOIP is an internet telephone service that takes the place of your regular landline. It has become very popular for business owners like us worldwide. At Plus Benefits w only use the best and yet low on price but the price does not compromise the quality.

Plus Benefits chooses VOIP services because of the best service quality. VOIP services help save money and give your business a better business telephone system. A VOIP business service makes employee to employee communication easy and efficient. Our business wouldn’t function at all without lines and best quality. With Plus Benefits you save money on your mobile, local, international and long distance calls. Cheapest rates on VOIP minutes cell phone to cell phone. VOIP enable smart phones allow you to make calls without using costly wireless minutes.

Also on offer; ADSL - A fast wireless internet. At Plus Benefits we understand the needs of our clients and give the opportunity to gain such access at competitive price whilst still maintaining exceptional value and customer service at no extra cost. That's why we use East Networks ADSL Internet. It has one hour Response Time guarantee

Last-mile technology - Any telecommunications technology that carries signals from the broad telecommunication backbone along the relatively short distance (hence, the "last mile") to and from the home or business.

IT Services

Our IT Solutions include: Networking services, operating systems, website development & hosting, computer repairs, ongoing maintenance and support on all of our services

Call Centre Hosting

Want to start your own call centre? Not a problem, Plus Benefits provides you with wide range of services, we have a full call centre set up programme software and hardware (computers, I.P phones, Servers etc.)

No premises? Not a problem, we have call centres that currently host over 200 seats with full infrastructure come in and start your own business with us.

Staffing Solutions

At plus Benefits we source high calibre of agents who undergo intensive training in the inbound and outbound call centre sector, telephone etiquettes, how to telemarket, how to dress and behave in a work environment.
We offer comprehensive call centre operations training which include spoken communication skill as well as techniques for turning around negative customer situations. We concentrate on providing exceptional service and developing close interpersonal relationships with our clients in order to deliver service excellence and real solutions in the workplace ensuring staff retention which leads to the success of the call centre.

Contact Details

Address: 2nd Floor, 155 on Moore,
155 Che Guevara Road, Durban,
Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
Phone: 031 301 0640 / 031 301 0650
Faxmail: 086 558 5895
Email: info@plusbenefits.co.za

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Specialized IT Solutions

We leverage technology and implement best practices, to provide a range of high quality and cost-efficient Information Technology Solutions, from global locations enabling customers achieve their business goals.

We Can Help You Keep Your Customers Happy, Build Your Presence and Give You The Platform That Can Handle Any Products

Outsourcing Perfected

The outsourcing industry is constantly evolving and changing to meet client demands. As our industry evolves, so will Plus Benefits, anticipating opportunities for optimization.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values represent our long term strategy to ensure Plus Benefits remains an innovative company and business leader within the contact centre market.